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Meet the SMPLive Presenter: Stjepan Alaupovic of St. Jepan Media

New York City-based media production specialist Stjepan Alaupovic describes his Streaming Media Producer Live sessions, "How to Light, Frame, and Shoot Video for the Web" and "How to Brand Your Online Productions."

Stjepan Alaupovic is an experienced and award-winning media production specialist with a knack for visual storytelling. He's also the owner and artistic mastermind behind St. Jepan Media, a full-service video agency specializing in online video production and online video marketing. Before starting St. Jepan Media, Stjepan created and led Microchip Technology's online video strategy, an effort that produced more than 500 branded videos with over 2 million views for the multinational company.

He'll be presenting two sessions at Streaming Media Producer Live: "How to Light, Frame, and Shoot Video for the Web," which leads off the entire conference, bright and early in Tuesday, November 19; and "How to Brand Your Online Productions," which concludes the conference's Strategic track at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, November 20. 

The St. Jepan Media website describes the studio's mission as follow: "St. Jepan Media is a full-service video agency specializing in online video production and online video marketing. We don't just make beautiful videos. We make beautiful videos that people--your customers--will actually see. They'll even enjoy watching them. And that means increased brand awareness and revenue for you. Our innovative team is a mash-up of production experts and new media specialists who deliver high-quality online video marketing campaigns."

How to Light, Frame, and Shoot Video for the Web

Stjepan's conference-opening session, "How to Light, Frame, and Shoot Video for the Web," will provide a targeted overview of key elements of web video production that distinguish the production process for online video from broadcast and producing for DVD. While some of the time-tested principles of traditional video production still apply, online video is really a world of its own, and it’s best to begin with basics. This session walks you through key elements of online video production that distinguish it from producing for other media, including composition, lighting, and more. This session provides expert tips on how to shoot HD video that’s effective for the web.


How to Brand Your Online Video Productions

"How to Brand Your Online Video Productions" examines both the reasons for building branding into online commercial videos and the best ways to do it. Online video is a powerful marketing tool, and effective and consistent marketing demands effective branding that’s consistently and strategically applied. And, of course, there’s much more to branding than slapping on a logo “bug”; it means focusing on key elements of a company’s identity and producing work that reflects it accurately and promotes it effectively, whether subtly or overtly. Attendees will leave this session knowing how to incorporate their company’s or their client’s brand identity into every step of the production process, and every aspect of their production style.

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