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Tutorial: Bundling Destinations for Multiple Exports in Apple Final Cut Pro X

One of the most convenient new features in Final Cut Pro 10.0.6 is the ability to quickly and easily export to a single destination, or a bundle of destinations, that contain multiple outputs. In this tutorial, you learn how to create a single destination and a bundle of destinations.

To make it more easily identifiable by its intended purpose, double-click the HD for Apple Devices preset in the Destinations folder and rename it iPad Output (Figure 7, below).

Apple Final Cut Pro X
Figure 7. Renaming the preset

Creating the Bundle of Export Destinations

Next, we'll create the bundle of three destinations. To begin, in the Destinations window, click Add Destination. Then double-click Bundle to create the Bundle, as shown in Figure 8 (below).

Apple Final Cut Pro X
Figure 8. Renaming the preset

Then double-click that name to make it active, and rename it (in this case) Personal outputs (Figure 9, below).

Apple Final Cut Pro X
Figure 9. Renaming the preset

One of these is going to be the iPad output, so the first thing you need do is duplicate the iPad output, so you can drag it into the bundle (Figure 10, below). If you dragged it into the bundle and didn't create a copy, the iPad output would no longer appear in the Export dialog.

Apple Final Cut Pro X
Figure 10. Duplicating the iPad Output preset

By duplicating the output, you can put one iPad output in the Personal Outputs bundle, and keep another one available when you just want to export to the iPad (Figure 11, below).

Apple Final Cut Pro X
Figure 11. The iPad Output preset added to the Personal Outputs bundle

Adding Vimeo and YouTube

Next, click Add Destination to return to the main Destinations window and see the other export destinations. Vimeo is the next preset we want to add to the bundle, so we drag that in as shown in Figure 12 (below).

Apple Final Cut Pro X
Figure 12. Dragging in the Vimeo preset

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