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Tutorial: Shot Comparison & Color Matching Tools Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Clear Online Video's Stjepan Alaupovic demos the new shot matching tools in Adobe Premiere Pro's Color panel.

Split Views

Back in the Program Monitor, there are some useful ways to view the split of your two images. You can choose to look at them with a vertical split by selecting that option (Figure 6, below), and you can even move the slider in the window to further adjust the view.

Figure 6. Vertical Split view

You can also choose the horizontal split as a viewing option (Figure 7, below). All of these views can be extremely helpful when you're color grading different types of footage.

Figure 7. Horizontal Split view

Tweaking the Settings

The great thing about this tool is that it's an extension of the Lumetri color panel, so we can adjust other basic correction settings without leaving this window. You can open up the Basic Correction menu and further adjust other color and exposure options (Figure 8, below).

Figure 8. Making color adjustments in the Basic Correction menu

I really like this style of color grading where you can keep everything in one easy-to-use panel that offers a lot of ways to view your adjustments, but also enhance things on a very detailed level. Give these tools a try in your next Premiere Pro color grading project.

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