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Tutorial: How to Edit and Repurpose Your Multicam Live Content with EDIUS Pro 8 on Wirecast Gear

Mike Downey demonstrates how to post-produce your multicam content quickly and efficiently using Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 8 on Wirecast Gear.

Delivering Your Edited Content

Let’s say that our video is finished and we want to output it to, say, YouTube. We can’t output to a file when we’re in Multicam mode, so the next step is to go back to the Mode pull-down, and either hit F5 for normal, or F8 again to turn it off. Either way works fine.

Once I’m back in Normal mode, I go to File > Export > Print to File (keyboard shortcut: F11) to open the Export window (Figure 10, below). To send the video to YouTube, I’ll choose H.264, and look at the presets. If you see a preset that meets your requirements, go with that, but if you want to create your own preset, double-click H.264, choose from the settings that appear. Once your encoding parameters are set, you can save them as a preset so that next time you’re ready to export, you can use it every single time.

Figure 10. Choose your encoding settings here.

Next you choose a name--I’ll go with Wirecast Demo--navigate to the correct directory that I want to save it to, and click Save. A progress window opens, and you’ll see that EDIUS encodes your video very, very quickly. A lot of times, depending upon the power of the computer, it’s faster than real-time when outputting to a file, and the powerful machine inside the Wirecast Gear is no exception. It’s going to encode my project in about 30 seconds, even though the video is more than two minutes long. Once the video is encoded, exported, and saved, EDIUS automatically throws it into our bin window, but it's also in the directory where we saved it, so now we're ready to upload it to YouTube or wherever it is that we want to send it.

This is what I absolutely love about EDIUS: It's fast, it’s real-time, and it allows me to work very, very quickly.

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