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The Top 10 Reasons PTZ Cameras Will Benefit Your Worship Video Program

Houses of worship are live streaming their services more and more, mostly relying on volunteers and easy-to-use PTZ camera systems. Here are the Top 10 ways to leverage the benefits of PTZ camera systems in your worship productions.

#5: Advanced Camera Control Software

The advanced camera control software takes your camera operation capabilities to TV broadcast studio level with the ability to control up to 28 cameras (Figure 5, below).

Figure 5. You can call up as many as 28 cameras with PTZOptics’ advanced camera control software. 

The Preset Visualizer allows your team to display camera presets over laid on a picture of the inside of your church (Figure 6, below). Volunteers can simply click where they want the camera to go without thinking about which preset they need. Advanced features such as camera speed, white balance, iris, and more are available at the click of a button on any Windows PC.

Figure 6. The Preset Visualizer

#6: Variable Speed Control

Having herky-jerky camera movements is going to distract from your message, so having smooth variable-speed camera movements is critical. With a bit of practice and some well-planned presets, no one will know that your cameras are all robotic.

#7: Daisy-Chaining Camera Controls

PTZOptics cameras offer the ability to daisy-chain multiple cameras together, reducing the number of cables needed (Figure 7, below). No need for a homerun to each camera, just string them together around your auditorium by connecting network cables between them.

Figure 7. Daisy-chaining PTZ cameras

#8: Easy IP Control

Once you've connected the PTZOptics camera to your network it can really come alive. Each camera can be assigned an IP address that can be used for easy camera control, live streaming, and tuning. vMix users will love the direct IP integration for built-in camera control support.

#9: Camera Control Integration

Investing in an all-in-one streaming switcher appliance such as the vMix GO or NewTek TriCaster allows you to control the cameras within the software rather than requiring a separate hardware controller.

#10: Easy ONVIF Controls for Wirecast Users

Wirecast users can pull in PTZOptics cameras via the IP camera feature available in Wirecast Pro. Many Wirecast users also use a program called ONVIF Device Manager for camera control on Windows or Mac computers (Figure 8, below). The program provides a live camera preview with the ability to pan, tilt, zoom, and call presets.

Figure 8. Controlling PTZOptics with ONVIF Device Manager and Wirecast

That's just the top ten reasons that PTZOptics equipment is great for houses of worship.

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