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Tutorial: How to Stream Live Events with PTZOptics Cameras and the NewTek TriCaster Mini

This tutorial will demonstrate how, with just a few PTZOptics cameras and a NewTek TriCaster Mini, you can get your live event onto the internet with ease.

Going Live

Once you’re operational with both cameras, you’re ready to start switching and go live. The TriCaster is compatible with many streaming services, but sometimes you want to stream to multiple services simultaneously, such as YouTube Live, Ustream, and (for worship productions like the one we’re demo’ing here)

This is where a service like Joicaster comes in. Joicaster (Figure 4, below) allows you to stream all of your live web content to multiple video platforms and channels simultaneously by managing the distribution to multiple CDNs or OBPs. Set up a Joicaster account and then link your platform accounts to it. Once that’s done, the complication of setting up a live stream is taken care of once and for all, so you can concentrate on making your production look great.

Figure 4. You can stream to multiple services simultaneously with Joicaster. Click the image to see it at full size.

Alternatively, the TriCaster advanced software enables you to set up and stream to multiple CDNs as well.

PTZOptics cameras are available in HDMI and USB versions, like the one shown in this tutorial, or with HD-SDI, which is perfect for larger churches, event centers, and large venues. The cameras start at just $1599, and special bundles are available with the controller and the streaming solution of your choice, like the NewTek TriCaster Mini.


For more information, contact this tutorial’s sponsor, Videoguys, at 800-323-2325.

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