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Tutorial: iOS-to-Workstation Editing Workflow with Adobe Premiere Clip and Premiere Pro

With Adobe Premiere Clip, you can shoot your video with your iPhone or iPad, perform edits on that iDevice using Premiere Clip, then transfer the video and the project to the Creative Cloud and bring it into Adobe Premiere Pro on your workstation for finalization. Here's how.

Editing in Adobe Premiere Clip

Now let’s go through an overview of Premiere Clip’s editing capabilities. Tap the video and you’ll see three dots on the upper right. Tapping those dots opens the Clip Options panel, where you access most of the editing controls in Premiere Clip, identified by the icons on the right (top to bottom): Exposure, Audio, Speed, Duplicate Clip/Split at Playhead (Figure 7, below). Clicking on those controls will bring up their respective panels. As you can see in Figure 7, choosing the Exposure controls gives you sliders for Exposure, Highlights, and Shadows.

Figure 7. Access your Premiere Clip editing controls in the Clip Options panel here.

When you're done with clip options, in the panel up at the top (Figure 8, below), you have the options to add audio (Figure 9, below Figure 8).

Figure 8. Access other functions via this panel.

Figure 9. Choose audio clips to add to your project from various libraries here.

In the Finishing Touches panel (Figure 10, below), you also have the options to fade in from black or fade out to black, and if you have multiple clips you can crossfade.

Figure 10. Fade options are found here.

You can also tap in this panel to apply a Look. The Looks accessed from the Finishing Touches panel in Figure 11 (below) are the equivalent of the Lumetri Looks in Premiere Pro.

Figure 11. Choose your Look here.

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