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Tutorial: NewTek TriCaster Mini Turnkey HDMI Production Studio

In this tutorial, Jan Ozer demonstrates how the NewTek TriCaster Mini delivers portable, affordable, and full-featured live production to producers using HDMI cameras.


Greenscreen operation is simple; just pick the background color with the eyedropper and TriCaster does most of the heavy lifting (Figure 8, below).

Figure 8. Greenscreen compositing using the TriCaster software. Click the image to see it at full size.

The video in Figure 8 doesn’t need cropping, but if it did, Figure 9 (below) shows the Edge controls you would use if you needed to crop your video.

Figure 9. Adjusting input settings for the greenscreen video. Click the image to see it at full size.

This video does need spill suppression, as you can see the green background spilling over into the subject in Figure 9. The Spill Suppression controls in the LiveMatte tab shown in Figure 8 let me eliminate that for an extremely clean key over this virtual background.

The TriCaster Mini can composite both live and VOD inputs, using a whole range of special effects and live sets that are readily available but too numerous to discuss in this short tutorial.

Audio Mixing

For audio, the TriCaster software features a complete mixer with control over all input sources and discrete controls for your record and streaming outputs (Figure 10, below).

Figure 10. The TriCaster audio mixer. Click the image to see it at full size.


As for switching between inputs, Figure 11 (below) shows the Preview window on the left and the Program window on the right. To load an input into the Preview window, click its button. To take the input in the preview window live, you can use the T-bar. Click Take for a cut, or click Auto to use the selected transition.

Figure 11. The Preview and Program windows with the switching controls just below them. Click the image to see it at full size.

Outputting Your Video

When producing your event, you can create an ISO recording via the controls shown in Figure 12 (below).

Figure 12. ISO recording controls.

You can stream live via the streaming controls shown in Figure 13 (below). You can even deliver videos and still images to destinations like Facebook YouTube, and Twitter during the live event.

Figure 13. Streaming controls.

Overall, the TriCaster Mini offers an exceptionally affordable entry point for HDMI producers seeking a professional live production system.


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