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Teradek Rolls Out TeraCentral SDK for Configuring Live WiFi Feeds from Cube H.264 Encoders

TeraCentral SDK provides Teradek customers with access to the Cube's live video stream, as well as low-level functions to encourage novel third-party solutions for a variety of wireless video applications

Teradek, the world leader in compact HD H.264 video encoders and accompanying transmission systems, has announced the availability of the TeraCentral™ SDK, a new Software Development Kit (SDK) for their iOS management and live video streaming App. TeraCentral is used to discover and configure live video feeds over WiFi from their award-winning Cube™ H.264 encoder product line. The TeraCentral SDK provides Teradek customers with access to the Cube’s live video stream, as well as low-level functions to encourage novel third party solutions for a variety of wireless video applications. TeraCentral is a universal application, which runs on any of Apple's current iOS devices. The SDK is initially available to iOS developers exclusively.

“To date, we’ve seen a number of very interesting applications being developed around our encoders from third party developers," said Nicol Verheem, CEO of Teradek. "Since we've had so many requests to add features or tailor our App to address other use cases, we decided to partner with our customers to create an ecosystem where they can help us add value to our products. By releasing our TeraCentral SDK, we hope to further facilitate and cultivate the ingenuity of the Teradek community to create new applications for our devices, especially those that expand upon our core markets."

Teradek’s TeraCentral SDK allows users to discover and view live video streams from the Cube and Brik™ encoders over a WiFi link. TeraCentral also gives users the ability to control the encoder by allowing them to manually start and stop proxy recording or live Web broadcasting. Additionally, the SDK provides pass-through control, which converts commands received over WiFi, from iOS devices to any of Cube's wired interfaces, i.e. Ethernet, USB, or serial. This capability gives developers the opportunity to create powerful new applications for Teradek encoders around live viewing, camera control, and instant replays, all of which can be very valuable in medical, sports, education, and military applications.

Teradek’s TeraCentral SDK is currently in Beta testing, which is now open to qualified third parties, and is expected to be released in early Q4. For more information on Teradek’s TeraCentral SDK, visit

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