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Switcher Studio Announces New Plans and Pricing

Cloud-enabled capabilities will play an increasingly important role in the future of the Switcher platform, and building in the cloud requires more resources to support, deliver, and maintain

On October 1, 2018, Switcher Studio announced that they will be implementing a new plan and price structure starting immediately. This new structure will affect first-time and returning subscribers who join on or after that date. Switcher Studio says the reason for the change is that cloud-enabled capabilities will play an increasingly important role in the future of the Switcher platform, and building in the cloud requires more resources to support, deliver, and maintain.

There will be three plans moving forward:

  1. The Personal Plan gives you access to the Switcher Studio app, iOS, Mac, and PC screensharing, and standard email support.
  2. The new Professional Plan gives you all the capabilities of the Personal plan plus the ability to schedule RTMP posts and crosspost within Facebook. In future updates, this plan will also include access to cloud storage for your most-used assets, two-way video calling, as well as plugins for future features.
  3. The new Enterprise Plan is for marketing teams and agencies. This plan provides customized solutions, advanced permissions, additional Facebook integrations, access to the Switcher SDK, the option for hands-on training, and more scalable tools.

All three plans—Personal, Professional, and Enterprise—include access to all iOS app capabilities:

  • Wireless syncing of up to 9 smartphone cameras
  • Adding photos and prerecorded videos
  • Adding logos and overlays
  • Accessing animated templates for titles and text
  • Using picture-in-picture and multi-view effects
  • Adjusting exposure, zoom, color balance, and more
  • Editing auto-synced video from multiple cameras in Final Cut Pro X

Pricing changes with the new plan structure. Formerly Switcher Studio featured an "all in" subscription pricing scheme for $29/month or $299/year. Now the Personal Plan is $39/month or $348/year. The Professional plan is $75/month or $588/year. Contact Switcher Studio if you are interested in an enterprise plan.

Switcher Studio has stated that members with a current monthly subscription will keep their rates. In addition, they'll continue to get access to everything they have today (unless they cancel or switch plans) for no additional cost. Members with a current auto-renewing annual subscription will also keep their rates. Existing customers upgrading to the yearly auto-renewing before Wednesday, October 31, 2018 will retain access to all current features and benefits.

If an existing user cancels and then signs up later for the Personal plan, they will lose the following features:

  • - RTMP setup/config from the dashboard
  • - Office 365's Microsoft Stream
  • - YouTube scheduled posts
  • - Partner Discounts
  • - Referral Program

Moving forward, all Switcher users (regardless of plan) will have access to all of the features within the Switcher app itself. Switcher subscriptions also include access to additional features between the desktop apps and the online Dashboard. Some Dashboard features will be exclusive to users subscribed to the Professional plan.

Switcher Studio says some of the features being worked on for future release include the ability to add on-screen comments and run polls, giveaways, and more through cloud-enabled plugins and extensions. Store your most-used photos, videos, text, and animations from the Sources panel within your online account so you can access them from any device. Invite guests anywhere in the world to join video calls and share in your videos or live streams.

Disclosure: Anthony Burokas is a paying end user of Switcher Studio. No other connection exists between Switcher Studio and Anthony Burokas.

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