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Osprey Video's Scott Whitcomb Talks Talon 12G 4K Hardware Encoder

Streaming Media's Marc Franklin interviews Osprey Video CRO Scott Whitcomb on the showfloor at Streaming Media West 2022 about Osprey's Talon 12G hardware encoder and new integrations for cloud streaming.

Marc Franklin: We're on the floor of Streaming Media West, and I'm in the Osprey booth with Scott Whitcomb, who's gonna tell us a little bit about some of Osprey's offerings. And do you have anything new for the show?

Scott Whitcomb: Right now what we're showing is our 12g 4K hardware encoder. What we've been continuing to do with this product is in different integrations. Today we announced a new integration with Wowza low-latency streaming as well as nanocosmos, which is a German company. So this is the box that we continue to innovate on. So those are the main announcements that we, that we announced today at the show.

Marc Franklin: For people who are not familiar with everything, just people getting started, what will this box do for them?

Scott Whitcomb: So you can ingest SDI or HDMI video from the edge and then deliver that up to the cloud for streaming to the masses via RTMP or SRT. We have a Zixi integration. We have a WHIP integration for low-latency streaming--that's Adobe IO or the Wowza integration for quickly and easily getting video from on premise up to the cloud to stream live.

Marc Franklin: I notice there's a USB on there. Is that for recording?

Scott Whitcomb: Yes. You can record to an MP4 file on that. You can also record to a network drive. One of the ways to stream out would be saving to file. You can select either the USB or record to a network-mapped drive.

Marc Franklin: Can you stream and record at the same time?

Scott Whitcomb: Yes.

Marc Franklin: And is there a limitation on bitrate for recording?

Scott Whitcomb: I believe is 60 Mbps is the most that you can stream out. There really is no limit, but we try to put some kind of guardrails on it for users just in case they don't have the bandwidth to do the streaming. But in terms of the unit and the hardware itself, there's really no limit.

Marc Franklin: Interesting product. And thanks for coming to Streaming Media West. If you need to find out anything more about their product...

Scott Whitcomb:

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