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NAB 2019: Blackmagic Talks Faster Editing in Resolve 16

Streaming Media Producer's Shawn Lam and Blackmagic Design's Dan May discuss new features and workflow changes in DaVinci Resolve 16 in this interview from the show floor at NAB 2019.


Shawn Lam: It's Shawn Lam here for Streaming Media Producer, at NAB 2019 we're here with Dan May, president of Blackmagic Design. We're going to be talking today about DaVinci Resolve 16.

Dan May: Yeah, it's been a big year for us again. You know we always come to NAB, present a new version of Resolve and this year's no different. One of the things that we did really want to do this year, is you know we've made great strides with DaVinci Resolve, right? We've added Fusion, we've added editing, we've added Fairlight. All these things that have added so much capability to DaVinci Resolve over the years. And this year's no different. We've added some new artificial intelligence, new facial recognition, new updates to our Fairlight and Fusion page. But what we've never really done before is we sat down and said, "How do we do something completely new, that's never been done but do that in a way that is actually really welcoming to people, an addition to their workflow?" So we thought really hard about how to build something from the ground up. 'Cause everyone we talked to talked about I want to go faster. How do I edit faster, how do I move more quickly? And that's a big step that we've done with DaVinci Resolve 16, and that we've added this new Cut page. This is a entirely new page that's been designed with the idea of, "How do I just get in and edit as quickly as possible? How do we take away wasted motions, and wasted movements? How do we make things work in a way that move quite quickly and with simple and efficient actions?" And this is what the Cut page has all been driven to. And as you've seen through the demos, as you've seen from the videos that are online. This is something that we think is really going to add to people, because everyone wants to be faster. But the important thing for us, we didn't want to make such a drastic change. That people, oh they've gotten rid of the Edit page, or they've changed the Edit page that I make my living off of. And that's nothing that we wanted to do with DaVinci Resolve, we understand that people live in these pages. These pages are actually cultures. You know, an editor lives in that page as a culture, or a colorist lives in the Color page. So, how do we do something where we want to create something that is just an addition? And that's where the cut page comes in. And then on top of that we came out with our DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard.

Shawn Lam: Yeah.

Dan May: 'Cause if we're going to talk about being speedy with our motions, we wanted to go ahead and have a physical thing that would allow us to move quite quickly. Because while we can use a mouse and keyboard to do all of our editing. There is actually again, that wasted motion, of having to take your hands, having to move them around. Have to find various systems. But this allows us to actually edit with two hands. Being able to mark in and out points. Being able to use the dial to go ahead and shuttle through, change our modes of shuttle. And be able to work quite quickly with two hands, so we feel that these two things are quite complementary to DaVinci Resolve. Without taking away anything from anyone that makes them feel like they have to make changes. But everyone we've talked to so far has said, "Wow this really adds a lot. What I'll be able to on some quick projects, or how I'll be able to start longer projects by quite quickly getting in." Laying things on the timeline and being happy with these new additions we've gotten Resolve 16.

Shawn Lam: It's always nice to have dedicated hardware, that's built for the task. And that is some nice-looking hardware you have. Price point on the hardware?

Dan May: So the price point's $995, which is a great price point for something that is as solid as this is. This is an actual a metal keyboard, that is going to go ahead and feel like it's a real solid piece of gear. And we've gotten actual ... these are gaming keypads that are in there, the top of the line. And the way they respond to you. The actual shuttle has electronic controls, so you can feel in its different modes when it gets to the end of the timeline it'll lock. This is not just a constantly spinning shuttle. So things feel really well for people, and we think that's important too. Because if we have a customer or a client come in, we wanted this to look professional. We don't want this to look like a cheap keyboard that was just bought at the grocery store. So we feel that these two things are great additions for editors, that are really going to help them and we look forward to getting them in people's hands.

Shawn Lam: Excellent, thank you very much Dan.

Dan May: You got it, Shawn.

Shawn Lam: This has been a look at DaVinci Resolve 16, at NAB 2019, I'm Shawn Lam for Streaming Media Producer.

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