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Meet the SMPLive Presenter: Glenn Zimmerman of Mad Bear Productions--Updated!

Video storyteller extraordinaire Glenn Zimmerman of Manhattan and Tampa-based Mad Bear Productions discusses how to move from online delivery to online engagement in his two Streaming Media Producer Live Strategic Track sessions--updated with complete session video from Streaming Media Producer Live!


Glenn Zimmerman describes Mad Bear Productions' mission as follows: "We humanize brands." Of course the medium is online video, but the mission is more in the method than the medium. It's all about storytelling at Mad Bear Productions, about moving from technically sound online delivery to strategically sound and creativity-driven online engagement. Those themes will echo through the two sessions Glenn presents in the Strategic track at Streaming Media Producer Live 2013, held November 19-20 at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach, California, in conjunction with Streaming Media West 2013. Glenn's sessions are "How to Produce Dynamic Video From Static Topics" and "How and Why to Think About Shooting for Multiple Online Platforms Simultaneously."

Glenn's teaser for his "How to Produce Dynamic Video From Static Topics" session provides insight not just into the session but also his unique approach:


Glenn's bio on the Mad Bear website describes him as follows:

As the CEO & President of Mad Bear Productions, Glenn helps businesses and non-profit organizations tell their story. Whether he is launching new products, spearheading the tone of a fundraising campaign or bringing a company’s unique brand to life; Glenn is passionate about unlocking the right message. He is a frequent speaker about video engagement and is a contributor to Streaming Media Producer, an industry destination for professional online video producers seeking expert insight.

For more than fourteen years, Glenn honed his storytelling craft as a television news reporter and anchor. Whether it was at NBC's flagship station in New York (WNBC-TV) or the number one station in Detroit (WXYZ-TV); Glenn’s sense of creativity, combined with his passion for telling the right story, has garnered him an Emmy as well as numerous awards. Whether he is interviewing celebrities, government officials or everyday people; Glenn’s ability to make those featured feel at ease is an important secret to his success.

Glenn's second Streaming Media Producer Live 2013 session, "How and Why to Think About Shooting for Multiple Platforms Simultaneously," offers more strategic insight into how to maximize the value of the footage you shoot and the story you tell for your clients in the multilayered world of online video and social media (and how to keep all that in mind from the time you plan your shoot):

People expect different things from a video on Facebook than they would on a company’s website. And they also watch videos differently on a tablet than they would on a desktop. Given this, it makes sense that the more you can customize the way you produce a video, the higher the engagement. So, why not think multi-platform from the start? This session touches on how people view videos on different platforms and then dives deep into strategizing and planning a shoot with multiple platforms in mind. That way, you can connect the brand experience and keep an audience engaged across multiple platforms, no matter how and where they watch the video.

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