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First Look: Premiere Pro's New Essential Sound Panel

A first look at the Adobe Essential Sound panel, now integrated into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, bringing new advanced audio editing features previously available only in Adobe Audition CC.

The Essential Sound panel brings key audio editing features introduced in Adobe Audition last year directly into the Premiere Pro UI.

Stjepan: I'm with Laura in the Adobe booth. We're talking about the new Essential Sound panel in Premiere Pro. It's a really cool tool for people who are on the run and need a quick turnaround. Laura, tell us a little bit more about it.

Laura: One of the things that we're really proud to show this year at NAB is the Essential Sound panel. You may recognize the name from Audition, where it was introduced last year, but we've brought that panel into Premiere Pro to help editors take charge of their own audio without having to bounce between applications. The best thing about this panel is it takes a number of the most common problems you have with audio and greatly simplifies what it takes to correct those problems.

We've created the Essential Sound panel. It allows you to select the audio type. If you have dialogue, for example, under the Dialogue panel, you can choose what it is that you're trying to do with your audio. For example, if you take Auto Match, you can use simple sliders to auto match the audio in your dialogue. You can also choose things like noise reduction and, while we have it on a simple slider in the panel, what's actually going on behind the scenes is a far more complex operation.

Here you see the different number of parameters that are being adjusted by that simple slider. All of this has been done, so it's really intuitive for a more novice audio user or someone who just needs to get things done quickly. Our goal is to help video editors do professional audio on the go.

Stjepan: All right, Laura. Thank you so much for your time. Where can users go to learn more about some of these Adobe features?

Laura: You can always go to to learn more about the new release.

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