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Almost Live from NAB: Streambox Drone EncoderPro

CinemAerialVisuals' Scott Strimple interviewed Streambox's Bob Hildeman at the Streaming Media booth at NAB 2015 regarding Streambox's new Drone EncoderPro miniature encoder and its applications for live streaming of drone and aerial video.

[This sponsored interview was captured during NAB 2015.]

In an interview with CinemAerialVisuals' Scott Strimple in the Streaming Media booth at NAB, Streambox co-founder Bob Hildeman described Streambox's new miniature encoder, the Drone EncoderPro, as an ideal solution for live-streaming video from remote-control aircraft because of its small form factor, light weight, and flexible professional encoding capabilities.

He described the 220-gram unit as "a professional encoder that captures HDMI and HD-SDI, and sends it over bonded networks, 3G, 4G Wi-Fi. This encoder is also vertical-powered," he added, "so it'll run many hours, and utilize 10 watts power as it compresses HD."

The Streambox Drone EncoderPro is slated for Q2/Q3 release, with an MSRP of  won a Streaming Media Best of NAB award at NAB 2015.

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The Streambox Drone EncoderPro is designed to capture and stream HD/SDI professional video from UAV's used for agriculture, news gathering, film production, live events, public safety, government and enterprise users.