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Tutorial: Producing Live-Streamed Sports Video with the NewTek TriCaster TC1

The NewTek TriCaster TC1 has sports written all over it, featuring 4K, 60p, and built-in instant replay, all designed to give producers the latest and greatest live production tech in a compact package.

This tutorial will introduce you to the latest 4K IP production system from NewTek, the TriCaster TC1. NewTek introduced the TC1 at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas, and it has sports written all over it. It features 4K, 60p, and built-in instant replay, all designed to give producers the latest and greatest live production tech in a compact package.

To test the unit and produce the video above, I took the TC1 along with some PTZ Optics cameras to a high school football practice to showcase the capabilities that make this so ideal for school sports production.

The TC1 provides 16 inputs, and includes NewTek’s proprietary NDI technology, which allows the switcher to connect to a wide variety of cameras and other accessories over IP. I used a network switch that supports power over ethernet, to supply control and power to my PTZ cameras. This allowed me to use only two cables for camera, ethernet, and SDI. I was able to operate the cameras directly within the TriCaster software.

In the immediate future, NewTek will be releasing its own PTZ cameras with NDI and HDMI/SDI-to-NDI converters that can further simplify and expand this workflow by allowing all cameras to connect to the TC1 over the IP network. NDI will be critical for many applications, especially 4K sports productions. 4K-over-SDI requires a quad-link connection, which is going to limit the I/O capability of any system very quickly. 4K-over-NDI leaves these inputs available and make the TC1 a much more capable and expandable solution.

After setting everything up in the announcer’s booth, I was ready to record and broadcast. The TC1 is capable of multiple simultaneous local outputs, as well as two independent streams, and Program and ISO recordings can be stored locally on the two built-in 3TB hard drives.

Of course, with the exciting moments that happen in sports, seeing something once isn’t always enough. The TC 1 delivers with integrated instant replay, removing the need for an additional piece of hardware.

With support for cutting-edge UHD resolution and the fast frame rates required for professional sports production, the TC1 is an ideal choice for any school sports production team.

This tutorial is sponsored by Contact Videoguys to learn more about TriCaster and camera packages available now.

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