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Tutorial: vMix GO Portable Live Production Solution

This tutorial will explore the capabilities of vMix GO, an affordable, highly functional, and easy-to-use live production system.


vMix GO (Figure 1, below) is a complete portable live production studio powered by high-quality AJA hardware with up to eight SDI inputs, or six inputs with two live outputs. A four-input HDMI-only version of the GO is also available. Also included are professional audio connectors and four removable SSD units for recording program or ISO feeds.

Figure 1. vMix GO I/O.

The unit is powered by vMix live production software, a mature and robust program in development since 2009. vMix was designed and written by an actual event producer with a premium on ease of use and efficiency.


Let’s begin a quick overview of operation. Figure 2 (below) shows the complete vMix interface, with all of your inputs in the Input bar highlighted in callout #5. Each program that you create with the vMix GO can have hundreds of inputs that you can organize with the color code shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. The vMix interface. Click the image to see it at full size (and note the callouts).

Click any input to queue it in the Preview window (#1 in Figure 2). The preview window shows what's queued to go live. Click any of the transitions in the T-bar (#4 in Figure 2) to take it live.

The Program window, #2 in Figure 2, is your live or program feed. Below the Program window is the Audio Mixer (#6 in Figure 2), where you control audio, with controls for each input and a master.

The Footer bar, #7-11 in Figure 2, is where you click buttons to add inputs, and set up and start and stop recordings, streams, and external outputs.


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