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Streaming Media Producer Focus
June 11, 2020

Featured Articles
How COVID-19 Has Changed Streaming Workflows
As COVID-19 has necessitated the virtualization of formerly in-person live events, streaming producers' roles and workflows have changed, as Producer and Associate Director Liz Hart and 090 Media's Alex Lindsay discuss in this clip from Streaming Media East Connect 2020.
Has the Age of the Solo Live Producer Arrived?
Have the need to distance and the widespread availability of versatile, small-footprint, low-cost, multicam streaming-ready tools brought single-producer live production to the mainstream? Ben Ratner and Alex Lindsay discuss at Streaming Media East Connect 2020.
Roundup: Compact Mics for Compact Cameras (Updated with Video)
Compact, prosumer 4K cameras like the Canon XA40 and XA45 pack enough professional features that they're well worth considering for pro producers who need to travel light or with a compact kit. Choosing such a camera also means accessorizing it with properly proportioned compact audio gear--like the options we'll explore here.
How to Manage Client Expectations
A large portion of my time is spent educating clients on what I do, what I can do, and what I can't do. In particular, what I can't do is key to managing client expectations. By making sure we're both working toward the same goals, we have a better chance of avoiding potential conflicts down the road.
Featured News
AJA & SKAARHOJ Integrate AJA FS Products with Rack Control Duo
AJA and SKAARHOJ have joined forces to integrate control of AJA's FS family of frame syncs/converters with SKAARHOJ's Rack Control Duo, streamlining how professionals make RGB color correction and other parameter adjustments across one or many FS devices and channels in live production environments.
Mo-Sys Launch U50 Remote Camera Control Head for Box Lenses
Mo-Sys Engineering, a global leader in real time camera tracking and remote systems, today announced the launch of U50.
Deltacast Unveils First Universal NDI 4-to-HDMI Converter
Thanks to its additional developments, the new DELTA-neo N2H firmware V2.0 is the first standalone converter that utilizes NDI®4.0 with next generation NDI®|HX technology. This makes DELTA-neo N2H fully compliant with any NDI® sender device.
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