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May 04, 2023

Featured Articles
NAB 2023: Magewell Talks USB Fusion
MVD Director of Product Development Ryan Brenneman discusses the USB Fusion multi-input USB video capture device with integrated source switching and layout control switcher with Streaming Media's Shawn Lam in this interview from the Magewell booth at NAB 2023.
NAB 2023: Sony Discusses the ZV-E1 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
In this interview from the Sony booth at NAB 2023, Sony Senior Manager of Technology Mark Weir and Streaming Media's Shawn Lam take an up-close look at Sony's ZV-E1 full-frame, small form factor, mirrorless, vlog, E-mount camera with AI subject recognition.
Featured News
Agora Launches Real-Time Transcription Solution
Agora's new solution provides the fastest automated transcription capabilities, making audio and video more accessible
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