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Nick Bacon
Founder, Managing Director, Mainstream Media, LLC

Nick Bacon, virtual and hybrid event producer, does his best work behind the scenes. An avid people-watcher, his passion for elevating the people and communities around him led him to launch the creative agency Mainstream in 2013. Based in Chicago with offices in Virginia and California, Mainstream produces hybrid, virtual, in-person, and on-screen experiences that build, strengthen, and educate communities across the country.
Articles By Nick Bacon

Content, Context, and Container: The 3 Systems that Define A Virtual Event

The three primary systems defining a virtual event are its Content, Context, and Container. All three are critical to an event's well-being. Without content, there's nothing to see. With no context, there's no understanding. With no container, there's no interaction.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 May 2022

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