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ProMAX Launches New 4K Editing Workstations

New ProMAX ONE and ONE+ workstations are specifically designed to deliver superior performance and time-saving advantages for professional video editors, colorists, and VFX artists working within the media management challenges of 4K workflows

ProMAX Systems, manufacturer of multi-functional, high-performance video storage servers, editing workstations and archival appliances, has announced the launch of new ProMAX ONE and ONE+ workstations. The new models are engineered with the latest, advanced technology and are specifically designed to deliver superior performance and time-saving advantages for professional Video Editors, Colorists, and VFX Artists working within the media management challenges of 4K workflows.

The New ONE and ONE+ models are easy to configure, turnkey systems. In the same modular construct as ProMAX’s Platform shared storage servers, the ONE and ONE+ lines both offer 2 base configurations and options for adding modules for graphics, storage, archive and more. The workstations’ unique “All-in-ONE” infrastructure enables true end-to-end workflows with data ingest, editing, and archiving functions all possible within a single workstation.

New ONE and ONE+ features optimize strengths in high-performance editorial functionality and graphics processing. For editorial acceleration, high clock speed CPUs with up to 3.7GHz support a smooth and responsive editing experience. For VFX work, dual 12 core CPUs apply 24 cores of processing power for blazing fast renders. All ONE systems provide huge onboard RAID storage, delivering fast, secure access to data with storage modules up to 30TB on the ProMAX ONE, and 40TB on the ProMAX ONE+. In addition, all new ONEs have the ability to add multiple GPU cards, via 7 PCIe slots, creating a perfect Resolve workstation, for example.

“Our goal is to make easy-to-use solutions for improving the video content creation process, and the new ONE models present new ways for editors and artists not only to meet the demands of their creative work, but also to accelerate the process,” Jess Hartmann, ProMAX CEO stated.

ProMAX ONE & ONE+ Workstations are now available around the world through the ProMAX global network of authorized reseller partners.

About ProMAX Systems
ProMAX develops and manufactures award-winning workflow servers, storage systems, high performance workstations and archival appliances for professional content creators around the world. The ProMAX Platform is a unique shared storage system designed to increase efficiency and improve the content creation process by managing multiple production processes such as transcoding, rendering, asset management, and archiving. The ProMAX ONE+ is a powerful and expandable workstation designed for high-end video workflows and is favored by editors, colorists and VFX artists who require superior performance for high quality video production.

For 20 years ProMAX has expertly devised and supported end-to-end workflow solutions designed to accelerate and advance the content creation process. For more information, visit, follow @ProMAX Systems on Twitter, and see more ProMAX happenings on Facebook and YouTube. See what the Platform shared storage workflow server is all about at