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Review: eMotimo TB3 Programmable Pan-Tilt Head with Rhino Rails

Here we test eMotimo's TB3 3-axis motion control camera robot with the Rhino slider system for its usability, versatility, and reliability for live production.

Using the TB3 in Live Production

While care has to be taken with the parameters set for each shot, one dry run of the program proved enough for me to have 100% confidence in each move I set up. There were no errors or bugs in the software that caused me to miss a shot.

In live-control (unprogrammed) mode, I found the controller to be very intuitive and easy to acclimate to. The only drawback while controlling the system was that the joystick seemed slightly too sensitive.

Probably the main factor that may make or break your choice to use the TB3 with Rhino sliders in a live or pre-recorded video production is the noise. The three servo motors involved can be a bit louder than desired depending on your environment.

eMotimo recommends avoiding shotgun mics or other setups that would pick up excessive ambient noise. I found the motors to be distractingly only loud when running the system at some of its highest speeds. However, most of my test-shooting was not affected by motor noise.

While the eMotimo system is not a perfect solution for all types of production (is there ever one?), it’s an excellent option to consider. Compared to similar systems or hiring a second-camera operator and hardware for a day or two of shooting, eMotimo’s TB3 with Rhino slider outshines its competition in the arenas of affordability and versatility. The opportunity to possess the reliability of a diverse and programmable robot gives even the most frugal producer a reason to consider eMotimo for live productions.


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