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Tutorial: Streaming to Wirecast and TriCaster with the Teradek StreamReader Plug-in

In this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to use the Teradek StreamReader plug-in to stream directly to Telestream Wirecast and NewTek TriCaster.


Most live productions include only video from cameras physically connected to the switcher, which can be very limiting. If your cameras are equipped with Teradek Cube or Bond encoders, and you’re producing your event with Telestream Wirecast, or certain TriCaster models, you can include video from anywhere with Internet connectivity using the free Stream Reader plug-in. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how it works.

We’ll look at two scenarios: first, sending a stream to an editing station on the same local area network, say in a stadium or similar event scenario. Then we’ll look at receiving a stream from a Teradek Sputnik server. I’ll demonstrate in Wirecast first, then TriCaster.

Configuring the Teradek Encoder

First let’s configure the Cube or Bond encoder, which you do in the Stream Settings menu, accessed by choosing Video Setup > Stream Settings (Figure 1, below). When sending a single stream to a single target on a local area connection, try Teradek Streaming via UDP first. Teradek Streaming is a proprietary protocol that optimizes the stream and reduces latency, and in this mode, it pushes the stream to a single IP address, which is the computer running Wirecast or the TriCaster.

Figure 1. Choosing Stream Settings. Click the image to see it at full size.

If you want multiple devices to access the video feed, or you’re experiencing packet loss with UDP, you can try RTP/RTSP (Figure 2, below), which will set the Cube or Bond up as a server that multiple clients can access.

Figure 2. Choosing RTP/RTSP Stream Mode.

For this example we’ll go with UDP. You’ll need to know the IP address of the computer running Wirecast, which you’ll enter in the Destination IP Address field (Figure 1, above). Note the port number, which you’ll need when configuring Wirecast. If you have multiple encoders pointed towards the same computer, each would use a different port.

Click Apply at the bottom of the Stream Settings screen to save the settings.

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