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Tutorial: Webcasting Live Events with the Winnov Cbox P2

Whether you're capturing lectures, presentations, or multiple camera concerts, Cbox is a simple, affordable, and flexible solution that's definitely worth a look.

Amalga Software Operation

Operation is controlled by the Amalga software program. You can select from two modes of operation: Studio, for setting up presentations (below); and Touch, for running them.

Winnov Cbox P2 6

Let’s start in Studio. Amalga works around the concept of a session, which is a combination of metadata, inputs, outputs (below), and preset configurations (below, inset).

Winnov Cbox P2 7

The screenshot from the Inputs tab shown in the figure below comes from a session that I created for this demo with two video inputs: one a camera connecting via HD-SDI, the other from a notebook. Audio is coming via the HD-SDI input as well.

Winnov Cbox P2 8

I can add additional inputs by clicking Create, then choosing the type, source, and name (below).

Winnov Cbox P2 9

I can create as many outputs as the CPU can handle, which varies by system, with GPU-based encoding to help offload work from the CPU.

I’ve already configured a live RTMP stream going to Ustream, a version for Silverlight, and a high-quality archive version (below).