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Behind the Scenes: How to Produce a Live-Switched Webcast

Go behind the scenes at Streaming Media East 2013's 4-track, 3-day, live-switched conference and 1-day webcast with producer and crew chief Shawn Lam and see the process and the gear and how it all fits together in live-switched webcast production.

More on the Teradek Cube

The Teradek Cube, the streaming appliance we used at Streaming Media East,has three different options for Internet connectivity. One is the standard Ethernet. Usually, we try to use the hardwired Ethernet, but it also can use WiFi MiMo, which has a farther reach than a standard WiFi connection. The third is a USB input, so you'd be using those mobile USB 4G or LTE sticks in here. For this shoot we were Ethernet-connected.

You can navigate the Cube’s simple little interface using the joystick button and the red stream button, but you can also load up the Teradek software on a laptop, iPad, or iPhone, and control the device and monitor your live feed directly. If you’ve preloaded your settings and where you’re streaming to, when you hit the red stream button, it goes live to Ustream (or whatever streaming provider you’ve chosen), and at the end you just push the red button again.

And that’s how we launched our live-switched webcasts at Streaming Media East. Be sure to watch the behind-the-scenes video to see all the gear in action.


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