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proDAD Rolls Out ProDrenalin All-in-One App for GoPro Action/Sports Shooters

ProDrenalin helps GoPro action/sports shooters remove fisheye & perspective distortion, stabilizing, correcting rolling-shutter distortion, de-noising, color correction, and adjusting the brightness & contrast of the video - all in a single effective, affordable application with batch processing capability

proDAD, the highly acclaimed developer of digital video effects and image enhancement technologies today announced ProDrenalin, a revolutionary all-in-one software application for GoPro action/sports camera users to significantly improve their videos by removing fisheye & perspective distortion, stabilizing, correcting rolling-shutter distortion, de-noising, color correction, and adjusting the brightness & contrast of the video – all in a single effective, affordable application with batch processing capability.  The famous Mercalli Stand Alone (SAL) professional video stabilizer moves to Version 3 with automatic stabilization profile selection, batch processing, and support for 4K & 2.7K video clips.

ProDrenalin – The essential tool to make GoPro videos even better.

GoPro Hero action cameras are billed as the world's most versatile cameras and they are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and video professionals.  proDAD's new ProDrenalin action camera enhancement software gives users the ability to optimize their videos prior to sharing them or bringing into a video editor.  ProDrenalin is a stand-alone Windows application.

ProDrenalin's Key Features:

  • Automatically remove fisheye distortion and corrects perspective distortion from video or still pics by simply selecting the correct GoPro camera profile;
  • Rock-steady stabilization – proDAD's video stabilizer, the gold standard in post-capture video stabilization is part of ProDrenalin and it's fully automatic;
  • Rolling-shutter correction – Improves the skew & jello that sometimes happens during fast action panning;
  • De-noising – ProDrenalin effectively removes random image sensor noise and sharpens the video with 3 quality options;
  • Simple color correction, brightness & contrast adjustment tools to give videos more of a "film look" for the best impression;
  • Ability to rotate the video in case the camera was accidentally mounted upside-down or at the wrong angle;
  • Ahead-of-the-curve support for 4K and 2.7K video resolutions;
  • Batch processing allows an unlimited number of clips to be loaded into ProDrenalin for optimization (with individual settings for each clip) instead of processing them one by one or needing to bring them into a video editor;
  • Side-by-side comparison shows the original and optimized video prior to rendering and exporting in popular industry standard formats;
  • Fully compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras in all supported resolutions, with the ability to import other action camera profiles made by proDAD's Defishr™ application.

Mercalli V3 Stand Alone Video Stabilizer – The industry standard gets even better.

Also new is a major update to the stand-alone version of the Mercalli video stabilizer application; the professional-grade stabilizer relied upon by video pros all over the world.  New Mercalli V3 SAL contains a host of oft-requested improvements including:

  • Batch processing - Instead of stabilizing videos one at a time, users can now load an unlimited number videos into Mercalli V3 SAL for automated batch processing;
  • Automatic profile selection – Mercalli V3 SAL can analyze a video clip and automatically select the most appropriate stabilization profile, thus streamlining the stabilization process;
  • Support for 4K and 2.7K video clips; many NLEs don't even support this yet!
  • Export stabilized video in industry standard formats, including MP4!
  • New native 64-bit and 32-bit Windows stand-alone applications with multi-core/multi-thread optimization and support for unlimited video resolutions.

"ProDrenalin is the first application of its kind – a full-spectrum image enhancement tool that can improve just about every aspect of video shot on a GoPro camera." Said Andreas Huber, Managing Director of proDAD.  "Users can focus on enjoying their adventures and capturing the action knowing ProDrenalin can polish things later."

Price & Availability

ProDrenalin will be available beginning in May for $49.00 from the proDAD online shop, and there is a pre-order special price of $35.00 available now until the product begins shipping.  Mercalli V3 SAL is available now for an introductory price of $149.00 from the proDAD online shop.  Mercalli V2 SAL users can upgrade to V3 for $40.00.  Older Mercalli Expert V1 users can upgrade to Mercalli V3 SAL for $80.00. Learn more at

OEM Licensing

Many of proDAD's image enhancement technologies including stabilization, image de-warping, de-noising; and proDAD's renown digital video effects library are available in SDK form for OEM licensing and inclusion into a wide-range of hardware/software solutions.  Inquiries are welcome via email: