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Review: proDAD Defishr

With the popularity of POV cameras like the GoPro, a lot of shooters are producing extreme wide-angle footage with a pronounced (and usually unintended) fisheye look. proDAD's just-released Defishr application provides an ingenious fisheye fix.

Gone Defish-in'

When you launch Defishr, you are presented with the interface shown in Figure 1 (below). There no unusual usability quirks in the interface and functionality is pretty straight forward. The directions in the center of the interface are pretty much all that is needed for functionality.

proDAD Defishr
Figure 1. The Defishr Welcome screen

To begin testing, I loaded the clip of my buddy flying his 3D RC plane and started the process of fixing the fisheye. Once a clip is loaded, the interface comes to life as shown in Figure 2 (below).

proDAD Defishr
Figure 2. The Defishr main interface

As you can see in Figure 2, there is a timeline below the clip where you can set in and out points in your footage so you don't have to render the entire clip to fix a fisheye problem in one part of it (more on encoding/rendering times later). Along the top is an area where you can select your Camera Profile. Nothing happens until a profile is selected. Many of the popular cameras already have profiles created as you can see in Figure 3 (below).

proDAD Defishr
Figure 3. Selecting a Camera Profile

There are more profiles available that don't appear in the above screen shot, so don't worry if you don't see your camera there. Also, look to the right of the Camera Profile section in Figure 3 and you'll see the controls to allow you to create your own camera profile if needed and save it as a custom profile. This will be handy if your particular camera and lens setup are not already included in the profiles proDAD has already created.

For my testing, I selected the GoPro2 1080 wide profile and then selected the option for Compare View. In Figure 4 (below) you can see I have found a section of flying with the horizon curved in the view at left and it is fixed in the view on the right.

proDAD Defishr
Figure 4. Fish'd (left) and Defish'd (right) aerial GoPro2 footage

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