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Tutorial: Vislink LiveGear Airstream Cellular iNG Transmitter

If you're in the market for a portable video encoder/transmitter, you should consider the LiveGear Airstream from Vislink. It's mobile and easy to use, and it employs predictive forward error correction and adaptive bitrate H.264 encoding to reliably deliver top-quality video over broadband cellular networks.

Technology Overview

As an overview, the Airstream encodes HD or SD video into H.264 IP format and then splits the transport stream up for transmission via the available modems (Figure 5, below). All segmented streams are directed over the cellular broadband networks and the internet to an LGR-1000 receiver located at your operations center.

Vislink Airstream

Figure 5. Transmitting the transport stream

The LGR-1000 (Figure 6, below) aggregates by reassembling the four segmented streams into a single coherent IP video stream which is decoded to an SDI signal that you can plug into your existing video processing infrastructure.

Livegear LGR-1000 Receiver

Figure 6. The LGR-5000

At your option, you can purchase the VMS-1100 video media server (Figure 7, below) to transcode the IP transport stream from the LGR-1000 for delivery to desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

VMS1100 media server

Figure 7. The VMS1100 media server

If you're interested in a smaller, more portable product, note the camera mounted LiveGear AirCam unit shown in Figure 8 (below), which supports up to five cellular connections in a much smaller form factor.

LiveGear AirCam

Figure 8. LiveGear AirCam