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Video Tutorial: NewBlueFX ColorFast

NewBlueFX ColorFast is a new color correction, color grading, and color enhancement plug-in for Vegas, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid, and EDIUS. In this video review/tutorial, we'll work with a piece of footage from a recent project that calls for all three kinds of color adjustment, and show how to accomplish each task in ColorFast.

Enter ColorFast

Now, make no mistake, all popular professional nonlinear editors have built-in color correction tools that you can do that with. You don't have to have a dedicated program like this.

But in some cases, as you'll see, NewBlueFX has crammed a lot of stuff into this plugin that, to do it natively in my NLE of choice, Sony Vegas Pro, would take several tracks and in some cases maybe two or three different instances of the plugin and a lot more time.

I'm using Sony Vegas Pro as my host, but ColorFast from NewBlue will work on most any PC-based NLE, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Grass Valley EDIUS, and also in Apple's Final Cut Pro.

Notably, NewBlueFX just announced support for its full line of plugins in Final Cut Pro X.

The tasks I perform in Vegas using ColorFast will work very similarly in whatever supported NLE you're using. We'll look at some of the key capabilities of ColorFast that extend the color correction, grading, and enhancement capabilities of your NLE, and also examine the differences between ColorFast and the Color Fixer plug-in sold as part of NewBlue's Video Essentials package. 

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