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MagicSoft Unveils Stream Encoder 1.0

Intuitive and powerful professional streaming solution based on Windows Streaming Media

Magicsoft is pleased to announce immediate availability of Magicsoft Stream Encoder version 1.0. Magicsoft's streaming software is an intuitive and powerful professional streaming solution based on Windows Streaming Media.

Magicsoft Stream Encoder supports two (NTSC or PAL) different video inputs while outputting two different IP streams that can be viewed either by directly connecting to the Magicsoft streaming server or by viewing the encoded video from a Cloud based Publishing Point. 

Designed for the highest quality streaming needs, Magicsoft Stream Encoder works with the Blackmagic Intensity, Decklink or Multibridge products.

The software has been designed specifically to work using the output from either Magicsoft Playout or Magicsoft CG as an input, which means that if users who intend to stream live Magicsoft Playout, can direct the playlist's output to Magicsoft Stream Encoder and the content will be immediately published online. Even though it was designed primarily to work with other Magicsoft applications, it can be used with other applications to input up to two SD NTSC or PAL video inputs. Shortly Magicsoft will release an SD/HD version.

Users of different applications, whether they run on a PC with Windows or on a Mac using OS X, can achieve extremely high quality streamed output using a relatively inexpensive Windows 7 based Magicsoft encoding station. And since Magicsoft Stream Encoder supports Windows Media Streaming, it is compatible with other platforms and applications such as VLC, or Browsers such as Safari. 

Magicsoft Stream Encoder version 1.0 SD has a suggested list price of USD 595.00 (EUR 450.00). The SD/HD version of the software will list for USD 895 (EUR 700) when available. An upgrade path will be available for users who wish to upgrade to HD streamed output at a later date.

Interested parties can download the fully functional demo version from the Magicsoft website at