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"Black Dice Society" Live Streams With Studio Camera 4K Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO

Blackmagic Design today announced that the popular live streamed tabletop gaming show "The Black Dice Society," uses Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro live production cameras and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO switcher.

“Every time I film an episode, people ask me how I get such a fantastic look, and I point them right to Blackmagic Design. I love the reactions from people who tend to not expect the level of production quality in streaming content that Blackmagic products lets us do,” said Walters.

Following game play taking place in a horror/vampiric world, “The Black Dice Society” started in early 2022 and gives multiple views of the actions and reactions of six players, the dungeon master (Walters) and the extensive models and dice throws on set.

Walters has built a global reputation as one of the most prolific storytellers and creators in the tabletop gaming world and has created a number of successful YouTube based tabletop gaming channels.

As part of the tabletop gaming and streaming community for many years, Walters has seen the number of tabletop live streams grow. Standing out from these required a mix of exciting game play and broadcast quality production value. Walters also understands that one of the most exciting parts of role playing games is the spontaneity of play, which means that the stream has to be able to highlight unplanned for action immediately. To do this, Walters and his crew rely on the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO.

“It is all live and on the fly. The ATEM switcher lets me be able to smoothly fade or cut between the cameras quickly. In particular, since we tend to play on Zoom with the players in different cities, the ATEM’s ability to easily handle incoming feeds from Zoom along with the in studio camera feeds and triggering graphics is amazing,” he continued.

For game play, two Studio Camera 4K Pro are aimed at green screens. As game play progresses, graphics and images uploaded into the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO before the show are triggered as Walters moves with the action. The switcher’s powerful upstream keyer allows Walters fast and seamless keying, giving precise control of color, spill/flare suppression and foreground color correction.

“This always blows people's minds. With the Studio Cameras pointing at different green screens I can quickly 'switch locations' during my live streams, and it has been awesome. The cameras also work amazingly well in low light, which when playing in a dark and dreary universe lets me get creative with lighting,” Walters continued.

“I absolutely love my Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pros and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO. The ecosystem is easy to get into both in terms of cost and setup, and the technology is reliable and easy to use. I'm constantly raving about my Blackmagic’s to anyone who'll listen,” Walters finished.

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