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New Planar CarbonLight VX Series Optimized for On-Camera Virtual Production

Next-generation line of LED display solutions enhances Planar Studios initiative, featuring unrivaled image quality and versatility to revolutionize the production of realistic on-screen content

Planar, a global leader in visualization technology, today introduced the Planar® CarbonLightVX Series, a line of LED display solutions optimized to meet the needs of the exploding virtual production (VP) and extended reality (XR) markets. Featuring a lightweight, patented carbon fiber construction, the Planar CarbonLight VX Series supports indoor fine pitch LED video wall, ceiling and flooring installations to offer the deployment versatility today’s VP, XR and broadcast applications need with exceptional on-camera visual performance. This includes settings spanning film and movie sets, broadcast studios and entertainment venues, as well as education and corporate facilities.

Introduced as part of the Planar Studios initiative, the Planar CarbonLight VX Series bolsters Planar’s selection of cutting-edge LED display products that deliver the performance and capabilities today’s VP and XR professionals need to create realistic on-screen content. Building on the success of the popular, award-winning Planar® CarbonLight LED Displays portfolio, the Planar CarbonLight VX Series offers VP and XR customers LED solutions that support a range of studio sizes and configurations for unparalleled flexibility in studio set-up and configuration.

"We are committed to not just advancing the state of VP art for the world’s most visionary storytellers. We are also committed to making VP more accessible and more impactful to more customers in more markets,” said Executive Vice President Adam Schmidt. “LED video walls are a critical element in successful VP and XR applications, and the Planar CarbonLight VX Series separates Planar from the pack. From best-in-class visual performance to unmatched deployment versatility, the Planar CarbonLight VX Series addresses creative and technical professionals’ needs of today and tomorrow.”

Developed with help from today’s leading VP industry experts, the new Planar CarbonLight VX Series introduces two LED display lines that are designed to beautifully integrate with VP and XR stages, including the Planar® CarbonLight CLI VX Series and Planar® CarbonLight CLF VX Series.

The Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series supports hanging, wall-mounted, free-standing and curved LED video wall installations, in addition to other unique shapes that are intended to help smaller stages appear larger. This includes 90-degree corners, which are made possible by the series’ beveled edges. Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series also allows customers to remove and install cabinets anywhere within the video wall without disrupting the overall layout.

Available in 1.9 and 2.6 millimeter pixel pitches, the Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series features models with Brompton VP controllers.

“Working with the Planar team to bring Brompton industry-leading virtual production processing features to the new and innovative Planar CarbonLight VX Series has been a really positive and collaborative experience’’ said Rob Fowler, director of business development at Brompton Technology. “Our shared dedication to provide trailblazing technologies that deliver unsurpassed performance allows us to present a complete, reliable and compelling solution that supports evolving customer demand in the dynamic VP and XR markets.” 

The Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series also comes in models featuring VP controllers from Colorlight.

“We are excited to be offering Colorlight processing with features designed for VP for Planar’s newest line of LED display solutions,” said Gary Tong, customer service manager at Colorlight. “Our integration results in impeccable image quality and enhanced viewing experiences that allow VP and XR professionals to take their projects to new heights.”

Delivering state-of-the-art image quality, Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series features HDR support, improved thermal management and uniformity, precise yet flexible color management and a wide color gamut for greater color compatibility, including up to DCI-P3 color space with the Planar CarbonLight CLI VX1.9 model. The family also includes a high LED refresh rate (3840Hz) to support smooth motion and offers frame rates ranging from 24 – 144 Hz to ensure compatibility with various camera settings. In addition to delivering superior in-person and in-frame image performance, the Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series’ narrow pixel pitches support close viewing distances, allowing audiences to view content as close as nearly 14 feet away without seeing any individual pixels on the display.

“Planar allowed me the opportunity to weigh in on the new Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series when the product was first being developed,” said A.J. Wedding, director and co-founder of Orbital Virtual Studios. “Within just months of providing feedback, the company introduced a solution that’s perfect for presenting the versatility and incredibly lifelike content Orbital Virtual Studios needs to bring companies’ most imaginative visions to life.”

The new LED video wall line also features a common cathode architecture to consume less power and heat, and with high-strength carbon fiber frames and Planar CarbonLight bracketry, it supports quick video wall assembly for fast-paced applications.

The new Planar CarbonLight CLF VX Series LED flooring features a 2.6mm pixel pitch and can be used to create a high resolution, continuous canvas for on-camera scenes, virtually expanding physical environments.

The Planar CarbonLight VX Series will begin shipping in July and be available through Planar’s global network of authorized resellers. For more information about the Planar CarbonLight VX Series, visit

About Planar

Planar is a global leader in visualization technology, delivering best-in-class image performance for the world’s most demanding environments. From broadcasters and government agencies to corporations, sporting venues and educational facilities, the world’s leading organizations use Planar’s broad selection of display solutions in applications ranging from digital signage and simulation to large scale events and large-scale visualization. Planar is the global market leader for LED video displays, narrow pixel pitch LED and the indoor LED video wall market (Futuresource 2020).  Founded in 1983, Planar is headquartered in Oregon, USA with offices and manufacturing facilities in Oregon, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit