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Review: Roland V-02HD Multi-Format Video Mixer

The new, extremely compact Roland V-02HD can be used to mix multiple sources for live event streaming and/or to output audio/video to in-house projection systems.

Putting It All Together

The most likely scenario for a single video switcher in my live streaming event productions would be the boardroom setup I mentioned earlier in the review (Figure 5, below). One or more presenters would have a PowerPoint or Keynote slide deck. The computer running the slide deck would have an HDMI output to one of the two HDMI inputs on the V-02HD, and the other HDMI input would be used for a camera shot of the presenter.


Figure 5. Diagram of a typical setup (components not to proportional scale)

The primary audio source would be the speaker’s microphone, which I would route through the camera’s microphone input and carry over the HDMI output from the camera to the V-02HD switcher. You could connect the output from an audio receiver or mixer to the analog Line In on the V-02HD.

The Preview Out on the V-02HD would connect to any size HDMI-capable display, to preview the standby shot as well as audio levels and configuration menus of the V-02HD. The Program Out would go to either a recorder or live H.264 encoder. If you need to go to multiple HDMI outputs with the program feed, you’ll need to use an HDMI splitter or convert the HDMI signal to SDI for use with SDI distribution amplifier (or hub).

I would likely use the still image store on the V-02HD for a standby graphic to use before and after the event. The Output Fade control enables you to fade from a standby graphic to your first shot, as well as fade to the standby graphic at the end of the presentation. You could also use the still image at any point during a broadcast during speaker changes or session breaks for longer broadcasts.

While the V-02HD has DSK capabilities, the lack of a dedicated DSK input limits the versatility of the feature for my productions. The DSK source can be either HDMI input or a still image captured in memory. I typically use DSK to overlay speaker name and title, and the DSK source would need to be either the same computer running the slide deck or a singular still image stored on the V-02HD.

Combining Multiple Switchers

You may also find the Roland V-02HD switcher useful in scenarios where you’ve run out of inputs on a larger switcher like the V-60HD, and need to add another video source. The V-02HD uses the same 4:4:4 10-bit signal processing as other HD switchers do.

Another scenario could use the V-02HD to provide a continuous DSK overlay or PiP on other switched sources. A recent scenario in government involved an on-stage ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter beside the speaker and podium. I needed to have a continuous PiP of the interpreter in the lower-right corner, while also having dedicated DSK and PiP for the main speaker and slide deck.

The primary switcher handled the multiple camera feeds of the speaker and audience shots, as well as the presenter’s computer feed of the slide deck and the live DSK lower thirds displaying the speaker’s name and title. The program feed of the primary switcher was fed into one of the two V-02HD HDMI inputs, while the other HDMI input of the V-02HD handled the dedicated camera feed of the interpreter.

Closing Thoughts

When I first saw a sneak peek of the V-02HD at Streaming Media East 2018, I was curious to see how the switcher would become another tool in my toolbox. Indeed, upon its subsequent release, I found that its compact size and common set of features would come in handy for the situations I’ve described in this review.

As noted earlier, I would prefer to see an SDI version of this switcher. The hardwired connection to an iPad is also a bit awkward, as you may want the mobility of your iPad much like you might have with the FS-6 foot pedal. The lack of a network port or WiFi connectivity on the V-02HD limits this mobility. Its reasonable price and compact size make the V-02HD a great backup switcher for live events, just in case your primary switcher is utilized with another job or has failed.

All in all, the V-02HD is a fraction of the price of other Roland switchers but still packs the punch of core Roland switcher features.

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