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Tutorial: Live-Switched Worship Video with PTZOptics Cameras and Wirecast 9

Paul Schmutzler demos the new Camera Control interface in Wirecast 9 in conjunction with PTZOptics remote cameras in live-switched worship streaming production.

PTZ Control Options

Wirecast offers three unique PTZ camera control options. Once connected over IP, users can choose from the D-pad, the Analog Map and a 2D Map.

The D-pad (Figure 8, below) features simplistic controls for up, down, left and right, which is also available on any connected keyboard with D-pad keys.

Figure 8. The D-pad

The Analog Map (Figure 9, below) allows users to click and drag for 360° camera controls like a physical joystick.

Figure 9. The Analog Map

Finally, the 2D Map (Figure 10, below) allows users to see the entire PTZ Optics camera spectrum of control and click exactly where they want the camera to go at any given point. Now you can simply click on the picture where you want the camera to go directly in Wirecast.

Figure 10. The 2D Map

PTZOptics Camera Options

PTZ Optics cameras are available in HDMI, SDI, and new NDI versions, like the ones used in this video. The cameras start at just $1,599, and special bundles are available with the controller and streaming solution of your choice. You can use any Mac or PC with Wirecast 9 software or a complete turnkey system like the Wirecast Gear 230. For more information, check out