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TRACKS Primed to Become Music Industry’s Largest One-Stop Licensing Solution for Professional Videographers

Service allows labels and publishers to license music for use in life event video productions, including rights to post to approved Social Media sites

 TRACKS, a new online micro sync licensing service allowing professional videographers to choose from hundreds of thousands of songs for inclusion in life event videos and photomontages, recently announced the Open Beta launch of

The wedding and life event videography market is a billion-dollar industry, and professionally produced productions are undoubtedly enhanced by inclusion of celebrants’ favorite songs. However, in a survey conducted by TRACKS, less than one percent of wedding videos scored with popular music and posted to social media contained licensed recordings.

Until now, videographers would have had to research and negotiate licenses with a myriad of labels and publishers in order to secure proper licensing for their productions, a complicated, time consuming and often fruitless endeavor. The TRACKS micro sync platform helps bridge the gap between music rights holders and creators, ensuring that professionally produced videos can be licensed properly without risk of copyright strikes or takedown.

"We have worked very closely with the RIAA, NMPA and the some of the leading videographer associations to address the need for underlying synchronization licenses for professional works,” said Michael Gordon, CEO of TRACKS. “Our platform comes at a great time, as the music industry becomes more and more proactive in licensing and enforcing copyright on social media sites. We believe that will provide a perfect win/win solution for our music rights partners and the life event videographers and photographers, with tremendous potential to expand into other underserved synch products.”

TRACKS currently has agreements in place with the Warner Music Group family of labels as well many leading publishers and management groups including:

  • Universal Music Publishing Group,
  • Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Warner
  • Chappell Music Publishing, BMG Rights Management and
  • Kobalt.

Tracks hopes to add the Sony and Universal Music Group catalogs in the coming months along with many modern and timeless compositions controlled by a number of independent publishers, fulfilling its mandate of creating a comprehensive, industry wide licensing platform.