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Tutorial: Collaboration Tips for Adobe Premiere Pro and Vimeo

This tutorial will give you a few practical tips on collaboration when working with Adobe Premiere Pro and Vimeo.

Interactive Review in Vimeo

Finally, we'll look at creating an interactive review process for getting feedback and revisions on a video. Again, I'm going to use Vimeo, which allows for an interactive review process called Vimeo Video Review. This only works with a Vimeo Pro or Business account.

This process allows reviewers to click anywhere on the video and add time-coded notes. You can then take those notes and turn them into to-do lists to make revisions for your video.

To share a Video Review page, navigate to your video library on Vimeo. Go to any video and select the Share option. Under Share, choose the Copy Review Page Link option. This will copy the link to your clipboard and you can then share that link with a client or a team member.

When the reviewer gets to the page, they can add notes by clicking on the video and on the parts they want edited. These can be seen and managed by the editor on that same review page.

You can even export the notes to an Excel file with timecode and other helpful details. It's a pretty cool workflow that can speed up that revision process with detailed notes and timecode. Vimeo does offer free trials, so this might be something to consider for future video projects.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out my other tutorials for Streaming Media Producer.

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