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Tutorial: Working With the New Titling Tools in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

Jan Ozer explores the new titling tools in Premiere Pro CC 2018, and explains how to create titles from scratch and work with title templates provided in Premiere Pro and imported from Adobe After Effects via the new Essential Graphics panel.

This looks a lot more like the old title utility tool and it should be pretty familiar to most people who have used that. You've got your centering tools, moving tools, rotation, transparency. You can change the font, the font type, positioning, kerning, leading, all that stuff. Here's how you choose the color, the color of the stroke and the shadow.

Next thing you want to do is you want to add a background to this title. To do that, click click in the upper right of the panel and select Rectangle (Figure 6, below).

Figure 6. Adding a rectangular background

Now that we've got the background, we can move it down to the lower-third position, move the text down. You can see in Figure 7 (below) that the background is in front of the text.

Figure 7. The rectangle background in front of the text

Using the Photoshop-like layer tools shown in Figure 8 (below), you can swap the positions of the text and background layers. Now we've got the relative positioning right. Of course, you'd never use a white background with white text, so we’ll fix that as well.

Figure 8. Swapping the relative positioning of the text and background layers

What I really wanted to do was add a background from a file, so I just go back to the pull-down menu I used to create the rectangle background, choose From File (Figure 9, below), and browse to the file I want. Again, I'll need to move the background layer beneath the text just like you would in Photoshop (Figure 10, below Figure 9). Now I can edit either component separately just by touching it and moving it to where I want it to move.

Figure 9. Choosing From File

Figure 10. The new title background positioned behind the text in our lower-third

Creating a Title Template

Now the title is pretty much done. One thing to notice is that, while the title appears in the timeline as it would have with earlier versions of Premiere Pro, it doesn't show up in the Project panel (Figure 11, below). You see the Streaming Media background (SM Title.png in Figure 11), but you don't see the title itself.

Figure 11. The title is in the timeline, but not in the Project panel.

In order to save the title, what you do is you choose the title elements in the Essential Graphics panel and you export it as a Motion Graphics template (Figure 12, below). For this example, we'll call it Titles 2018.

Figure 12. Saving the title as a template

After you save the title, it shows up in the Essential Graphics panel with all the other templates. Figure 13 (below) shows the title we just created. If we want to re-deploy it we just drag into the Program Monitor. Of course, it's fully editable as we saw before.

Figure 13. The new title template in the Essential Graphics browser

So that's how you create a simple title in Premiere Pro Creative Cloud 2018 and save it off into the Essential Graphics panel.

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