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Tutorial: How to Add Interactivity to Your Vimeo Videos

This tutorial will take a look at how to add clickable watermarks, links, and calls-to-action to the Vimeo platform.

Interaction Tools

Below the Custom Controls section, you’ll find the Interaction tools area. With a Vimeo Business account, you're given even more ways to add interaction to the video player. You can do things like collect email captures during or after a video.

Sticking with the PRO account, we'll add an end screen that will show as a message at the end of our video (Figure 4, below). If you select the Call to action drop-down, you’ll see a number of different options to add to this end screen. Email capture is grayed out because, like I mentioned, that's part of the Vimeo Business account.

Figure 4. End-screen and Call-to-Action options in Vimeo PRO. Click the image to see it at full size.

Let's stick with the Call to action choice. Here, we can add a title that will encourage viewers to take action once they're done watching our video (indicated in Figure 4). You can add more context to the description section, but I'd suggest keeping the messaging pretty short here. The Button section (Figure 4) gives you another option to add an interactive link element that users can click to be taken to a website. You can edit that link in this bottom section.

Once you're done, you can Update and save your settings for the video (Figure 5, below). Now when the video is embedded onto a site, you'll be able to fully utilize those interactive elements we've added.

Figure 5. Click Update to save your embed settings

And there you have it. Those are two small interactive elements that are great for any type of video, whether it's marketing, sales, or even just trying to get your work out there in front of an audience. These features can take people to more of your videos or other supporting material to help you reach those video goals. Be sure to check out Part One of this series, which covers YouTube interactivity.

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