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Prompter People iPad & Tablet Teleprompter Rig for Handheld Shooting

Stjepan Alaupovic and Chuck Majewski discuss Prompter People's latest iPad and Tablet-based teleprompter setups.

Stjepan: I'm here with Chuck Majewsjki, in the Prompter People booth. We're talking about your tablet and iPad teleprompter setup. If you'll walk me through this one, the handheld model that we're looking at right now. Tell me about some of the features of this.

Chuck: This is the DSLR Proline model. We don't include the rails but that could be RedRock or Zacuto, whatever you want. 15 millimeter rails. The Proline have variable height and angle adjustments so depending on what camera you have or how close you are, it's very, very adjustable. People like Access Hollywood. They've got the big cameras, they're working very close, they want that kind of adjustment.

This is actually our most expensive iPad prompter. We have these from about $499 up to about, this guy's about $1000, okay? Right now, it's got an older iPad in it but this will hold an iPad Pro and of course that gives you more range. You can be 12, 14 feet away and use this. It can be a iPad, it could be a Surface Pro, whatever you need.

Srjepan: It works on other tablets as well. It's not just specific to iPad.

Chuck: Absolutely. All of our products are modular in a sense that you can throw a high bright monitor on here if you need something brighter than an iPad outdoors, you can do that. We also have side curtains that are available. That's kind of a real quick overview of how that guys works.

Stjepan: You said distance-wise, we're looking at 12 feet?

Chuck: 12 to 14 feet.

Stjepan: Tell me a little bit about the software side of it. It works with any teleprompter software but also something that you guys-

Chuck: Yeah, you would want to, obviously, it's an iPad, so you're going to buy it from the App Store. The software it's running right now is called IQ. That's our software. It's pretty expensive. It runs $5. There's also a free app called IQ remote so you could control the speed of an iPhone. And IQ--
Stjepan: Maybe a situation where maybe a director or producer is able to adjust the speed while talent is speaking.

Chuck: They can do that. With Bluetooth, you can use an AirTurn foot pedal if you want. There's a lot of different remotes that you can use with this guy. It's Unicode-compliant so you can use other languages. You can import files. You can email them to yourself. You can use Dropbox or Google Docs.

Stjepan: That's great that you're able to import scripts. How easy is it edit them?

Chuck: You can do them right there. You can just touch the software. There's a little gear up in the corner and you get in there. All your menus are up here, you know, new file, and that's where you put a new script in. There's a manual built in and you can flip the image or whatever.

Stjepan: If you want to learn more about Prompter People and their set ups, you can go to

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