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Streaming Media Announces Best of NAB 2017

Essential new products announced at NAB 2017 recognized by editors of Streaming Media and Streaming Media Producer

Vantrix Pro 25

On the Streaming Media Producer side, the first Best of NAB winner is the Vantrix PRO 25, a virtual reality camera that features a panamorph lens. Its capable of a 5000x5000 pixel aspect ratio. The field of view is 360x182 degrees.

By far and wide, the Vantrix PRO 25 is the first of its kind in that class, a very exciting camera for virtual reality usage that's getting a lot of attention. Congratulations to Vantrix.
--Shawn Lam

Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro HD

Our next Best of NAB selection is Blackmagic Design’s ATEM Television Studio Pro HD. Those who are familiar with the Blackmagic ATEM line know that it's been a video switcher panel that you've controlled via hardware, or you can have a hardware control panel, but the cost of the control panel far exceeded the cost of the video switcher itself. It's a rack, not panel.

The ATEM Television Studio Pro HD is a first of its kind for Blackmagic: It's a hardware control panel with the controls on it, and the inputw on the back of the unit. So it’s more of a traditional, tabletop-type design. It has eight 1920x1080p60 HD-SDI inputs, and four of them can be switched to HDMI. Also, if you're using Blackmagic cameras, you have controls for secondary color correction. It also has tally and talkback.

So you really have the whole workflow using Blackmagic product. Congratulations to Blackmagic Design for the ATEM Television Studio Pro HD.
--Shawn Lam

vMix 19

Our third and final award winner on the Streaming Media Producer side is vMix 19. The feature that really stands out is vMix Call. vMix Call is the ability to bring in remote presenters into your live broadcast, connecting peer-to-peer, which is really challenging to do. In the past people have used third-party applications, but that's been a pain point. If you’re using Skype, or something like that, you have a serious challenge when it comes to audio, the Mix Minus. That's where, in the past, you've had to rely on professional audio engineers to make sure that you're not getting that echo, that audio feedback.

vMix has solved that problem with a lot of engineering, a lot of smarts. They do the Mix Minus for you, so you're able to bring in remote viewers into their video switching applications. vMix 19 is a software application that uses any hardware encoding or hardware capture that's certified by vMix, a very wide range. Congratulations to vMix, Best of NAB 2017 award winner for Streaming Media Producer.
--Shawn Lam

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