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Tutorial: How to Create Customized Animated Titles in NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5

Titler Pro 5 is a time-saving tool that produces some stunning results, with a vast array of templates and pre-built animations that can add a lot to your videos.

Back in Premiere Pro

Back in Premiere Pro, you will see that the title created in Titler Pro 5 has already been imported into the Project panel (Figure 12, below). Next, you can drag the title onto your timeline and it will play in Premiere Pro.

Figure 12. The Titler Pro 5 title in the Premiere Pro Project panel

Now, I want to do some further editing and remove this white background from the title, so that the text appears over my B-roll in the timeline. All you have to do is double-click the title, and the Titler Pro 5 application will relaunch. Now, you can adjust the Opacity settings of that rectangular white background by simply clicking the layer, and then adjusting the toggle under Opacity in the Attributes panel (Figure 13, below).

Figure 13. Adjusting Opacity in the Titler Pro 5 Attributes panel

As you can see in Figure 14 (below), the application actually shows you what the final video is going to look like, because it’s working with Premiere Pro. I like to think of it as an extension of Adobe Dynamic Link. Once I've made my edits, I'll go ahead and save this and quit the application.

Figure 14. Titler Pro 5 can show you how the final video will look because of its integration with Premiere Pro.

Back in Premiere Pro, you will see the changes made and can now do further editing in Premiere Pro.

I highly suggest giving Titler Pro 5 a try in your next creative project. It’s a time-saving tool that produces some stunning results. There are a plethora of templates and pre-built animations that can add a lot to your videos.

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