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Tutorial: Backing Up Your Footage With Red Giant Offload

Clear Online Video's Stjepan Alaupovic explains how to systemize your media wrangling and backup using Red Giant's Offload app.

Next is the Copy panel (Figure 3, below), where you can designate the destination where you want your media to go.

Figure 3. The Copy panel

The third panel is the Backup panel (Figure 4, below), which does a backup of the media to a second destination. I highly encourage doing this backup, as there will come a day when you have a drive that fails on you.

Figure 4. The Backup panel

Once you have all of this set, press Start in the Source panel to begin the ingest process.

The cool thing is that you will see visual notifications and status updates of the ingest (Figure 5, below). You'll see checkmarks when everything is complete and the application will display thumbnails of your media in this bottom area.

Figure 5. Offload status updates

Why Offload Matters

I can't stress enough the importance of using a dedicated ingest application when transferring your footage. Copy and paste works, but having the verifications and backups that Offload or other programs can provide are a sure bet that your footage has been safely ingested.

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