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How to Create Professional Live Event Streams for Facebook Live

This article makes the business case for using streaming Facebook Live and includes a video demo showing how to create professional-quality Facebook Live streams using Telestream Wirecast.

The Compounding Effect

Before we go into the demo, consider the advice of social expert Mari Smith, who is very, very up on all the latest trends with Facebook and Facebook Live, as well as advertising and marketing and streaming on Facebook. One of the things she recommends is you want to start streaming for a minimum of five minutes, and preferably more because as people jump on or get notified and you get a few more viewers, that actually ties in.

Smith has found that you get a compounding effect where Facebook is going to say, "Whoa, 50 people are watching. There must be something interesting going on." As a result, Facebook will actually be more likely to share the video or make it pop up or spread throughout their system. Make sure you've got some runway there so that the algorithms of sharing can do their tricks. That's one of those factors that people are beginning to figure out.

How to Stream to Facebook Live With Telestream Wirecast

The clip below is a technical, fast, hands-on demo recorded at Live Streaming Summit 2016 that will show you how the Live API works with Facebook, and why it's cool. This demo will show you how to stream directly from Wirecast to Facebook Live, and leverage some advanced streaming capabilities you don’t get when you do so using a smartphone.

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