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Tutorial: Client Collaboration and Review With and Wipster

Here we demonstrate and Wipster, two new services that enable client review of video projects in progress through direct integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder.

Going back into the panel in Premiere Pro, you can see in Figure 5 (below) I also have a notification there saying that somebody commented on the video. Clicking on the comment in the panel in Premiere Pro does the same thing it does in the browser: it brings me to that point, it shows me who commented, it shows me the comment, and the Program Monitor jumps to that exact point in time (Figure 6, below Figure 5). I can even “like” the comment if I choose.

Figure 5. Comments listed in the panel in Premiere Pro. Click the image to see it at full size.

Figure 6. The commented-on frame located in the Premiere Pro Program Monitor.

You'll also note that everything I'm doing in the web application is syncing entirely across into Premiere Pro on the fly. There's no need to press buttons, no need to close the project and reopen it--it's all just showing up in real-time. It makes working on these videos super-fast.

That's, now let's move over to Wipster and I'll show you how that application works.


Wipster also has its own panel that I'm using in Premiere Pro. Again, using the same video I'm going to upload the timeline with the green button down shown in Figure 7 (below), and again choose my options. The destination is in the folder I'm already navigated to, and I'm going to choose Draft quality this time just to save a little bit of time.

Figure 7. Uploading your Premiere Pro Timeline in Wipster

I do like the ability to share the video immediately by checking the “Share video after upload” button shown in Figure 7. This way, when I hit Start Upload then Share…, I can walk away and I can come back the next day or hours later, and everything will have worked in the background for me and my contributors can already be commenting. For this project, I want to add an Approval button (Figure 8, below) to this so that when they're finally signed off they can click this button that says, "We're completely approving this video, it is ready to go, no more changes."

Figure 8. The Wipster Approval button

That's great because it's always nice to have that very clear acknowledgment by your client that they're completely satisfied with this project, so they can't come back later and say, "You've completed the project without my approval" even though you maybe have thought that you had their approval. We could disable downloading, we can make it so that they can't comment, and we can password protect it. Depending on how secure you need it to be, you can do a lot here with it right within this panel.

As soon as I hit Start Upload and Share, once again Adobe Media Encoder is launched and the encode begins, and then it will upload and process the video and share it with my clients immediately. The video has completed its render in the media encoder; now Wipster has uploaded the video and is processing it. As soon as it's done processing it will then share with the collaborators. It's now been shared with my two clients and at any moment they should start commenting and that notification will start to come in here inside Premiere Pro.