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RED Rolls Out SCARLET-W 5Kp60-capable Digital Cinema Camera

SCARLET-W captures 5K at 60 frames per second (fps), 4K at 150 fps, or 2K at 300 fps with REDCODE RAW; and its wide dynamic range produces cinema-quality images rich with natural color

Today, RED Digital Cinema unveiled the latest addition to its line of professional cameras, the SCARLET-W. Joining the RED RAVEN™ and WEAPON® in the latest generation of RED cameras, the SCARLET-W is a versatile, feature-rich, and intuitive option for professional shooters. SCARLET-W offers a RED DRAGON sensor, interchangeable lens mounts, simultaneous recording in REDCODE® RAW and Apple ProRes formats, an intelligent OLPF system, and in-camera 3D-LUT outputs. At just $9,950 for the camera BRAIN® and $14,500 for the complete Base I/O V-Lock Package, SCARLET-W delivers unparalleled flexibility, accessibility and performance.

SCARLET-W captures 5K at 60 frames per second (fps), 4K at 150 fps, or 2K at 300 fps with REDCODE RAW; and its wide dynamic range produces cinema-quality images rich with natural color. SCARLET-W also offers an upgrade path to WEAPON and uses the DSMC2™ line of accessories—compatible with both RED RAVEN and WEAPON cameras—giving shooters the option to move between camera systems without having to purchase all new gear.

“When we began shipping the 4K RED ONE in 2007, it did nothing short of disrupting the camera industry with an unheard of blend of performance and price,” says Jarred Land, President of Red Digital Cinema. “And we are doing it again - meet the 5K SCARLET-W. It is a perfect storm of image quality, intuitive design, and accessibility."

SCARLET-W comes on the heels of the recent 4.5K RED RAVEN announcement, and is the latest example of RED’s ongoing commitment to the belief that cinema-quality creative tools should not be in the hands of a few—they should be available to a wide spectrum of content creators. RED RAVEN is RED’s most compact and lightweight camera priced at $5,950 for the BRAIN only, with full packages starting at $9,750. Customers that have placed RED RAVEN pre-orders can easily change to a SCARLET-W pre-order.

SCARLET-W is estimated to begin shipping in February 2016, and deposits will be accepted beginning today. Customers will be given a choice of purchasing the BRAIN only to build a kit that best fits their needs or choosing the SCARLET-W Base I/O V-Lock Package, which offers everything content creators need to start taking their productions to the next level.

SCARLET-W BRAIN ONLY - $9,950 – estimated to ship February 2016

SCARLET-W BASE I/O V-LOCK PACKAGE - $14,500 – estimated to ship March 2016

  1. Includes a SCARLET-W BRAIN, AI Canon Mount, Base I/O V-Lock Battery Mount, RED MINI-MAG® 120GB, DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7” LCD, DSMC AC Power Adaptor, and DSMC2 Universal Handle.

Deposits can be made online at, or with a RED Authorized Dealer.

To learn more, please visit

To download technical specifications click here.

To download SCARLET-W brochure click here.

About RED Digital Cinema

RED Digital Cinema is a leading global manufacturer of professional digital cameras and accessories. In 2006, RED Digital Cinema began a revolution with the 4K RED ONE® digital cinema camera. By 2008, the camera that changed cinema also began to change the world of stills. RED’s DSMC® (Digital Still and Motion Camera) system allows the same camera being used to shoot features like "The Hobbit" trilogy and "Gone Girl" - as well as the Emmy-winning "House of Cards" - to also be used to shoot covers for magazines such as "Vogue" and "Harper's Bazaar". In 2014, RED entered the broadcast space with the introduction of the REDCAST™ Module that allows streaming live 4K while recording 6K R3D masters. RED continues to innovate with its recent debut of the newest members of the RED DRAGON family, the RED RAVEN, SCARLET-W and WEAPON cameras. These cameras combine compact and lightweight design with cutting edge performance, and the 6K WEAPON includes an option to upgrade to an 8K sensor at a later date. Additionally, all of these cameras are capable of simultaneous on-board recording of REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes. All RED cameras are built around a modular foundation that gives the flexibility of full customization for each shoot. Find additional information