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Review: BBS Lighting Pipeline Reporter LED Kit

The BBS Pipeline Reporter Kit ($849) consists of two small, rugged, durable, pipe-shaped, ultra-white "remote phosphor" LEDs plus supports that can provide high-lumen-level lighting in tight spots with minimal power requirements and setup time.

Light Output and Quality

Although this ultra-white light can provide a high-lumen-level at 100% power, it’s not nearly as fatiguing for on-camera talent. Having an indirect light source on the subject goes a long way towards easing eye strain. Combine this with the low temperature, and you have a recipe for all-day shoots in the studio with much less impact on the talent. In fact, I typed most of this review with these both of the Pipes shining on me at 100% power.

BBS may not be very well-known in the U.S. now, but their Pipeline series of lights will likely change that. The Pipeline Reporter pair of lights runs $849 in this kit. While that price point may be a bit out of reach for the casual webcaster, it’s a good starting point for production professionals looking for small, durable lights that can be used in tight spots with minimal power requirements and setup time. And with LED diodes providing the light, these lights should last for many years with almost no maintenance costs.