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Tutorial: Enhancing Your Titles Using Adobe Typekit with Adobe Premiere Pro

If you're already a monthly paying Creative Cloud member on a complete or single-app plan, you have access to the Adobe Typekit, a full library of fonts that you can download and sync to use with your Adobe applications. In this tutorial, I'll demonstrate how to use it with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Using the New Font in Your Premiere Pro Project

With my Premiere Pro sample project relaunched, I’ll update my title to the new font (Figure 9, below), just as I would choose any other font in the Premiere Pro Title editor.

Figure 9. Choosing the new font in Premiere Pro.

I can render my project or even test out different fonts thanks to the huge library that Typekit offers. Figure 10 (below) shows my new Adobe Typekit font used in the project.

Figure 10. Here’s my new postcard-like font.

Using the Adobe Typekit is easy and will introduce you to some new creative options. Take advantage of this feature and apply them to your next video project.


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