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Telestream Releases Tempo Time Adjusment Softwatre

Tempo is a time adjustment solution that helps re-time file-based content and intelligently adjust the running time of shows and segments

Telestream®, the leading provider of video transcoding and workflow automation solutions, today announced that the new Tempo time adjustment software is now available from Telestream’s worldwide network of direct enterprise sales and resellers.

Unveiled at NAB 2015, Tempo is a time adjustment solution that helps re-time file-based content and intelligently adjust the running time of shows and segments. It utilizes new time compression algorithms that deliver superior quality and faster turn-around times. Running on the Vantage® media-processing platform, Tempo is easy to use and offers all the benefits of the industry's leading workflow management and transcoding system.

Using new methods of media analysis, Tempo intelligently interpolates the desired time change over the duration of the content in a way that produces no noticeable visual or audible artifacts. It can adjust an existing asset’s running time from 1% to 10% without any perceived loss of video or audio quality. Tempo re-times the complete asset, including video, audio, and captions, offering unmatched quality that is consistent with stringent broadcast and network-level requirements.

“A key goal during the development of Tempo was to make the quality of output so good, that QC after the process would not be necessary," said Paul Turner, VP of Enterprise Product Management. “We are confident that we have achieved that and look forward to hearing this sentiment echoed by our customers.”

Tempo is a product that returns a substantial ROI by providing the ability to increase advertising avails throughout the day. Tempo is particularly interesting for companies who are working with content from other eras or other regions of the world where the ad timing is different from their current format.

Tempo runs on the Vantage media processing platform and the new high-performanceLightspeed K80 Server, providing unparalleled speed and quality. Since it is built on the flexible Vantage service oriented architecture, Tempo can be seamlessly integrated with other Vantage or third-party systems to create a powerful automated workflow – all under unified system control. Tempo can be controlled through a special Vantage Portal or controlled in an automated fashion.

Tempo is sold as a turnkey system that includes Tempo software running on the latest Vantage media processing platform and Telestream Lightspeed K80 Server hardware.

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