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Review: Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library

Many of us have production-related applications that come with some loops and effects built-in, but when it comes to variety, nothing compares to a dedicated SFX library. New York-based Pro Sound Effects offers the Hybrid Library for your consideration as a next-level SFX package.

Sound Quality

When handing over your hard-earned money for a sound effects library, you expect a great selection and great quality. Pro Sound Effects doesn’t disappoint. All files are 96,000khz/24bit. Effects are available in mono, stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 surround. The categories range from basic animal, weather, and ambience all the way to hard-to-find items like vintage aircraft and firearms. Whatever your soundtrack requires, the Hybrid Library delivers.


To test out how the depth and variety of the Hybrid Library, I decided to try to create a “sonic movie” about a family member. My father lives in Washington, D.C. and plays recreational hockey several nights each week at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington. I know the route that he takes each time he goes, so I decided to create an artistic version of his journey using only the sound effects available in the Hybrid Library.

Discovering what I needed was easy. The tags included with files are descriptive and concise. There were very few times that I had unrelated results to what I needed. Searching for more general sounds like footsteps and crowd noises took more refining, but in the end I managed to find believable effects for everything I needed. All told, the sample file I produced (below) was created with more than 50 individual effects.

While not every producer needs the number of sound effects available in the Hybrid Library, every producer will benefit from it. It’s hard to overstate how important sound is to picture, as evidenced by the Pro Sound Effects promo video embedded below. Taking the plunge on paying for a library like this is not only a good investment; it’s a guaranteed way to increase the production value of your projects. To you and your customers, that’s priceless.

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