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Virtual Live Event-Focused Ecosystem, ZuCasa Lunches to Bring Human Interaction to Videoconferencing Space

Virtual Live Event-Focused Ecosystem, ZuCasa Lunches to Bring Human Interaction to Videoconferencing Space. App Features New Tech; Simple Dollar-per-User Host Event Pricing Model

ZuCasa, a one-stop shop for entertainment, enrichment and engagement, has announced today the launch of its HQ video and audio platform that allows users to “Be There. From Anywhere.”

Conceived by music, film and tech industry veterans and built from the ground up as a reimagining of the possibilities of video chat and live events, ZuCasa empowers both performers and audiences alike, creating a user experience that is once comfortingly familiar and completely new.

For fans, ZuCasa is like booking a front row table or a private suite where they can interact with up to seven friends without being disturbed - or disturbing others.  For performers, events are custom-built with monetization options (ticketing and sponsorship, with merchandising functionality to follow), and offer native analytics and engagement data. From authors to artists, to comedians to chefs, ZuCasa allows content creators of all kinds to reach and build audiences, or even host VIP events, without the usual challenges of managing the digital experience. 

While performers have the freedom to set their ticket prices for events, ZuCasa presents unparalleled simplicity with unprecedented event pricing: content creators hosting an event take 100% of the ticket price while fans only pay a $1 ticketing fee. A simple straightforward solution, without percentages or tiers to unlock special features. 

“You shouldn’t have to have an advanced math degree to figure out how much you are making from your own event,” explains ZuCasa CEO Gregory Butler. “We wanted this to be easy AND fair for everyone. With 100% of the ticket price going to the talent, everyone can participate —  no matter how large or small the fanbase is.”

The platform also has an Enterprise model that is both a standalone and integrated solution, providing unique communication and unprecedented control, as well as revenue potential to empower businesses and engage customers. Companies can conduct meetings, presentations and talks and even host branded events. CEOs have the ability to visit individual department Casas before, during and after presentations to speak personally with each team.  

ZuCasa’s features ensure a unique group viewing experience, with VIP “Meet & Greet” Options and configurable “Broadcast” Rooms. Users can enjoy software camera switching, best in class HD video, stereo audio and global streaming. ZuCasa is currently available for Chrome and Edge on PC, Mac and Android devices, with more options to follow, and is API-based for 3rd party integration. 

The company was founded in June 2020 by Gregory Butler and EveMeta’s Martha Chang and Anthony Rennert. EveMeta’s background in providing streaming and compression solutions to everyone from Howard Stern to Chinese Telecom provides the foundation for ZuCasa’s functionality and scalability.  Butler, the founder of PCAudioLabs and a former consultant for Intel, Microsoft and Fox, leads the team. 

The initial idea for ZuCasa came in response to the digital shift created by the pandemic, and the widening rift they noticed between existing video engagement options and natural human interaction. 

“Where social media took the first step of connecting artists, performers, and the like to fans, ZuCasa takes the next step,” says Doug Deluca, Co-Executive Producer, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Advisor at ZuCasa. “It’s like Cameo meets Pay-Per-View with 100% of the ticket price going to the person who made the event, no matter whether they are just starting out or a huge star.”

In addition to substantial usability improvements, ZuCasa’s proprietary video encoding technology boasts significant improvements over competitors; where poor quality and lag are a constant source of frustration, ZuCasa’s intelligent encoding ensures a 70%+ reduction in typical bandwidth requirements and associated costs over competitors.

For more information, please visit Zu.Casa.